About Dave

Dave Hughes-200x200I love weddings!  (Who doesn’t?)  I’ve been married twice (ceremonially here in Arizona and legally in Canada), and both were wonderful, memorable experiences.  In each case, our officiant played a key role in making the ceremony successful.

Both of our officiants did a terrific job.  Even though ours was just one of hundreds of weddings they have performed before and since, they made us feel like our wedding was special.  I’ve never forgotten what a difference it made to have an officiant who put so much love and care into a wedding.

In 2014, two of our best friends asked me if I would officiate their wedding ceremony at the beautiful Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.  Of course, I said yes!  What an honor!  Both the couple and I received a lot of complimentary feedback on the job I did, and two of our other friends asked me to officiate their upcoming wedding!

It became obvious that this is something I’m good at, and more importantly, it’s something I am passionate about and enjoy a great deal.  Each wedding I have officiated since that first one has been a joyful, moving experience for the couple, their friends, and for me.  I can’t imagine a happier job!

My commitment to you is to give your wedding the best attention, care, and love I can possibly provide, and deliver a polished, professional ceremony that is exactly what you want!  

In other words, I want you to feel like I’m treating you special, just like our two officiants did for us.

As of June, 2016, I have performed over 140 weddings for delighted couples, and I have weddings on the calendar well into 2017.

I’m an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church, so I’m legally qualified to perform weddings in any state.

I’m also an experienced speaker and presenter.  I have been active in Toastmasters International for eight years, and I have achieved Distinguished Toastmaster, that organization’s highest honor.  I’m also a presentation skills trainer and coach.  All this is to say I’m very comfortable and confident standing up in front of people. I have a good speaking voice and good “stage presence.”  I will bring a professional image to your big day.

I’m not affiliated with any particular religion, and I specialize in secular, non-religious services. I’m happy to marry both opposite-sex and same-sex couples.